Course Description

Introduction to Maintenance, Modernization & Alteration

The Introduction to Maintenance, Modernization & Alteration module covers two main areas in our industry. The first section, Maintenance, will give the participant an understanding of what maintenance is, why it is required, an understanding of mandatory maintenance control programs, and basic training for facility managers on their current equipment. The second section, Modernization, will give participants a basic understanding of what modernization entails, code requirements when performing a modernization, basic knowledge of the planning process, targeted areas of a modernization, and the benefits and reasons to perform a modernization.

This course is led by expert instructors, using an online virtual methodology. You will have access to the materials through a learning management system. 

Course Outline

Introduction – Our expert will commence by introducing themselves, providing an overview of their experience, and offering a brief overview of the content covered in this specific course.

What is Maintenance – We will explain what maintenance is, as well as the importance of maintenance.

Maintenance Control Program – Deep dive into an MCP, what it is used for, legal requirements and code, including Cat 1 Testing and Cat 5 Testing.

Building Owners and Management Maintenance and Training – A basic understanding for building owners/ managers regarding cleaning and operation of: 1) Basic Maintenance/Cleaning,

2) Fire Recall Phase 1, 3) Lobby Phone, and 4) Independent Service.

What is a Modernization – We will explain what a modernization is, why we would do a modernization and the benefits of a modernization.

Legal/ Process – What is required before a modernization is performed, including what is a Major Alteration and Minor Alteration.

Areas of Modernization – Description of significant areas of a modernization, the pros and cons, along with some insight into the process for: 1) Cab upgrades, 2) Machine room, 3) Pumping Unit, 4) Controller, 5) Cylinder Replacement, 6) Door operators, and 7) Drives.

Conclusion: We will conclude this module with a summary and field any remaining questions while ensuring attendees understand the materials of this course. We would be very happy to outline the value of taking the remaining 4 elevating device modules offered. 


Thank you for your interest in this workshop. This workshop will be delivered to fit the specific needs of your group. Please contact us so we can discuss options for delivering this course at a time and place that is most convenient for your team.

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