Course Description

Introduction to Elevating Devices

The Introduction to Elevating Devices module designed to provide a general understanding of the Elevating Industry. After completing this module, participants will have the basic knowledge of different types of elevating devices covered in the industry, an understanding of the different codes, acts & regulations in the elevating device industry, along with basic terminology and function of principal components.

This course is led by an industry expert, using an online virtual methodology. You will have access to the materials through an online learning management system. 

Course Outline

Introduction: Our expert will provide a brief overview of the course and how it fits into the overall 5 course program. 

Elevating Devices Used in Our Industry: We will provide an in-depth explanation and description of each elevating device, how they work, and where they are deployed. This will include using 3D exhibits, pictures and videos.

Introduction to Codes, Acts & Regulations: We will explain what codes and documents affect our industry and explain important codes using referenced documentation. Our expert will summarize and highlight key information from each document, and will reference best practices used in the industry.

Terminology: For Introduction to Elevating Devices, terminology will be broken down into four main elevating categories. Instructors will provide descriptions and explanations of all significant components and how terminology applies to the components.

Incident Reporting: We will provide an overview and an explanation of the incident reporting process, including how the process works, when it would be used, and who is required to report an accident/incident of an elevating device.

Conclusion: We will conclude this module with a summary and field any remaining questions while ensuring attendees understand the materials of this course. We would be very happy to outline the value of taking the remaining 4 elevating device modules offered. 


Thank you for your interest in this workshop. This workshop will be delivered to fit the specific needs of your group. Please contact us so we can discuss options for delivering this course at a time and place that is most convenient for your team.

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